01 CV

Collaborative Projects 

2019                          Estimated Damage, Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK (in collaboration with musical group Beta Betamax, Tulsa Artist Fellow Joel Daniel

                                   Phillips & Belgium film composer Rafael Leloup) 

2019                          Artist Print Series 003 - Jason Lockhart, Flash Flood Print Studios, Tulsa, OK (in collaboration with screen printer and Flash Flood Print

                                   Studios founder May Yang) 

2018                          Base Camp/Glow Hike: Monolith’s at Turkey Mountain, Turkey Mountain, Tulsa, OK (in collaboration with musical group Beta Betamax, movie

                                   set-designer David James & River Parks Association) 

2018                          Electric Gardens, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, OK (in collaboration with musical group Beta Betamax & production engineer Todd Johnson) 


Solo Shows 

2020                          473 "Jason Lockhart," Tulsa, OK. USA

2019                          Mainline Art Bar “Jason Lockhart,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2019/8/6                 MixCo “Jason Lockhart,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2017                          Tulsa Artists’ Coalition “Jason Lockhart,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

Selected Performances 


2019                         Arts & Humanities Council, “Tinkerfest with Beta Betamax,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2019                         Whittier Bar, “Grand Commander & Beta Betamax,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2019                         Sound Pony, “Soft Leather: Techno Acid Jack EBM Industrial,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2019                         Fur Shop, “Live Sessions with Midday Static & Beta Betamax,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2018                         The Starlite “Beta Betamax & Ject,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2014                         Center of the Universe, “Guardant,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2013                         SXSW, “Guardant,” Austin, TX. USA 

Selected Exhibitions 


2017                          JRB Art Gallery, “Tres Blanc,” OKC, OK. USA 

2017                          JRB Art Gallery, “Vibrant Year with ETA,” OKC, OK. USA 

2017/6/5                 Mainline Art Bar, “ETA,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2016                         Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa, “Rectangular Parallelepipeds,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2016                         Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa, “Painters Show,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2016                         Fayetteville Underground, “ETA,” Fayetteville, AR. USA 

2016                         Wood Guthrie Center, “The Last Waltz Fundraiser,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2016/4                     Living Arts, “Champagne & Chocolate,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2016                         Back Gallery, “Street Conversations,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2016                         Back Gallery, “Stencil Show,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2016                         Back Gallery, “Portrait Show,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2015                         Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa, “ETA,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2015                         Equality Center, “Double Vision with May Yang & Jason Lockhart,” Tulsa, OK. USA

2015/4                     Living Arts, “Momentum Tulsa,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2015/4                     Garden Diva, “Drunken Artist,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2015                         Living Arts, “ETA Pop-Up Preview,” Tulsa, OK. USA 

2013                         Aberson’s Exhibit, “Emerging Artists,” Tulsa, OK. USA 




2019                        Special Species Records, Milwaukee, WI. USA 

2019/8                   U Dont Dance Records, Tulsa, OK. USA 

2018                        Living Arts, Teaching Artist for New Arts Camp, Tulsa, OK. USA 


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03 collaborations

Beta Betamax 

Beta Betamax is a two-piece hardware band developed by artists James Ainesworth and Jason Lockhart who cut and layer found sound samples (such as scuba divers, pigeons, or human conversations) combined with analog synthesis to develop an audio collage. Sound is cut and strategically placed in sequences taken from lines and shapes curated from the 2-dimensional works. The music is a sculptural element to create architectural spaces. Beta Betamax arranges their songs with the fluidity of modal jazz, restricted by machines for generating tones and patterns during live performances.

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